Zack (bungeebot) wrote in reaktor,

Simple Reaktor 5 Drum Machine

I decided just to upload images for this instead of an ensemble, because it's really rare that someone has the same version of Reaktor as mine.

How to make a drum machine in Reaktor 5:

1) Make this:

The value max in the Event Table Properties is how many drum samples you've loaded. I have 3. The 0 value is reserved for silence.

2) Load your drum samples into the sample map for the module "Sampler", and set the L and R values appropriately. Also the root value should always be 60 for each sample, or the pitch will be off:

3) Go to the panel view, arrange the Sampler panel and Event Table panel any way you like, right click on the Event Table panel and check "Table Draw Mode", then draw bars on your event table, each bar height corresponding to a different drum sample.

Now hit the space bar!

I was actually having a lot of trouble building this at first because I was using a Grain Resynth sampler instead of a simple Sampler. Turns out you need a sampler with a trigger input, not a gate input like Grain Resynth has, when you're working with an Event Table. Otherwise your sampler receives an event at the falling edge of each bar as well as the rising edge, causing an undesirable popping sound. But I haven't yet fooled around with the Audio Table, so maybe that's different.
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