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Okay. Does anyone know how I would use a button to trigger a certain point in a sample using the Beat Loop Built-In Module? I am trying to make it so when pressing a button assigned to a MIDI controller it will trigger a certain part of the sample. Right now I have a switch with faders that are connected to the Start Position input on Beat Loop. Only problem is that I have to use a pot to change which switch it is on, and then press the button that starts the sample every time I want to trigger a different position. I am kind of going for a single sample Monome kind of ensemble that doesn't require having a Monome and the buttons can be assigned to any controller with MIDI buttons. This is what I have so far in all of it's crude simplicity. There are a lot of extraneous wires that I have deleted by now, but I haven't really gotten anywhere with my experimenting with other modules and such.


I am way new to this and am surprised I even got this much working. Any help would be awesome.
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