Okay. Does anyone know how I would use a button to trigger a certain point in a sample using the Beat Loop Built-In Module? I am trying to make it so when pressing a button assigned to a MIDI controller it will trigger a certain part of the sample. Right now I have a switch with faders that are connected to the Start Position input on Beat Loop. Only problem is that I have to use a pot to change which switch it is on, and then press the button that starts the sample every time I want to trigger a different position. I am kind of going for a single sample Monome kind of ensemble that doesn't require having a Monome and the buttons can be assigned to any controller with MIDI buttons. This is what I have so far in all of it's crude simplicity. There are a lot of extraneous wires that I have deleted by now, but I haven't really gotten anywhere with my experimenting with other modules and such.


I am way new to this and am surprised I even got this much working. Any help would be awesome.

Simple Reaktor 5 Drum Machine

I decided just to upload images for this instead of an ensemble, because it's really rare that someone has the same version of Reaktor as mine.

How to make a drum machine in Reaktor 5Collapse )

I was actually having a lot of trouble building this at first because I was using a Grain Resynth sampler instead of a simple Sampler. Turns out you need a sampler with a trigger input, not a gate input like Grain Resynth has, when you're working with an Event Table. Otherwise your sampler receives an event at the falling edge of each bar as well as the rising edge, causing an undesirable popping sound. But I haven't yet fooled around with the Audio Table, so maybe that's different.

Question that's been nagging me

Hey just joined up. Very glad to see a Reaktor community!

First off just wanna say that Reaktor 5 is the shit and I just can't believe it exists on this planet or even this universe. (end commercial)

From what I can tell though there isn't much technical talk on here, so I thought I'd add some. :)

This is my sineMaker - very, very simple instrument, though it doesn't look like it from the instrument view (it never does):

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You can download the ensemble here. And if you guys want please feel free to add to it or change it in any way and upload your results!

Anyway, here's my question (and I hope it's not a stupid one but... well, here goes): Why are some terminals on built-in modules colored red and some black?? For example in that picture, in the 2 pole filter, P and Res are red, frequency and In are black. Why? Couldn't find answers in the manual.

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Wow.. nobody's posted to this for a year..
First, i'd like to vent my fury at NI for releasing software that is basically not finished in the slightest. Reaktor 4 actually works now that i've got the 4.0.2 patch, but if a track isn't actually selected in the arrange/mixer window, it gltiches and only plays about one note in 6.. grrrr.

Secondly, has anyone made/found a drum machine ens that is slightly more user-friendly than Impaktor? I deally i'd like a clone of Battery as an ens (seeing as NI don't even have a release date for an Audio Units version of Battery.. grrrr)
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I was wondering if anyone knew of any downloadable programs (and where to find them) that can do any of the following.

*Loop & Sample Mp3's
*Be able to record loops & samples
*Separate the vocals from the effects and instrumentation and use them both independently
*Remix tracks

If anyone else can think of anything that I might need please feel free to tell me about other programs. I'm trying to do some remixes of a few tracks and was wondering if I could do it from my laptop
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FM7 in Reaktor

I'm considering purchasing FM7. I'm very impressed with the product. However, I was wondering if there were any Reaktor ensembles that approximated its functionality. Do you know if anybody's attempted to duplicate FM7 within Reaktor? Also, if they have, how do the user interfaces compare?
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Welcome to the Reaktor Interest Group community. (Yes, I know that "Group community" is a bit redundant. I didn't think it through. Mea culpa.)

Please use this community to talk about Reaktor - post questions and hints - as well as a way to share files related to Reaktor, such as instrument, ensemble and macro files, as well as audio files of music made, in whole or in part, with Reaktor.