Zack (bungeebot) wrote in reaktor,

Question that's been nagging me

Hey just joined up. Very glad to see a Reaktor community!

First off just wanna say that Reaktor 5 is the shit and I just can't believe it exists on this planet or even this universe. (end commercial)

From what I can tell though there isn't much technical talk on here, so I thought I'd add some. :)

This is my sineMaker - very, very simple instrument, though it doesn't look like it from the instrument view (it never does):

You can download the ensemble here. And if you guys want please feel free to add to it or change it in any way and upload your results!

Anyway, here's my question (and I hope it's not a stupid one but... well, here goes): Why are some terminals on built-in modules colored red and some black?? For example in that picture, in the 2 pole filter, P and Res are red, frequency and In are black. Why? Couldn't find answers in the manual.
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